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Warwick ACS is a space dedicated to celebrating African and Caribbean culture, tradition and heritage. We aim to generate an inclusive space built upon integrity for all our members. We aim to create spaces to empower, educate and inspire members. This is implemented in our events and workshops ranging from health and wellbeing to career progression

Our ACS executives seek to continue generating opportunities and providing tools and spaces to enable this community to continue developing and thriving both in and beyond their time at University. 

"This year, we aim to make ACS the most accessible outlet for all things African & Caribbean by exploring the culture holistically to allow members to embrace and appreciate it fully. This year we desire our society, ACS, to be a home away from home for our members, enabling them to build a sense of community at Warwick. Maximising their true potential and developing the skills they need for their future. With the trust of our members and support from sponsors, this community can continue to develop and thrive, which is why we need you!" 

Joshua Kwamya - President 
Tami Agboola - Vice-President

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us below. Alternatively, have a look at our Gallery where we showcase our annual admired events 

Be cultured, Be inspiring, Be you!

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