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The team behind Warwick ACS 2022/23

Meet the Exec: Meet the Team
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Hey, I'm Joshua Kwamya, your President for this coming year! I study Law LLB with a year abroad in English but I also like to spend my time creating music (@JSH).

As president, I want to use the society as a platform for inspiration - showcasing the numerous ways by which diversity is expanding within the advancing world.

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Hey, I'm Tami and I study PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). I aspire to work in finance as an investment banker with the hopes to go into property later down the line. One of my main interests is sports, in particular Rugby, and I play for both my club and university. ACS has always been a society I've loved: my hope is that we can make Warwick ACS a home away from home for our members, and a space that equips them with the necessary tools they need to flourish in everything that they do.

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Hi, I’m Tiana and I study Politics and International Studies! I am currently gaining experience: working within multiple fields in order to determine what I would like to pursue in the future. Ideally, it’ll be somewhere I can explore both my academic and creative sides. I am excited to see the expansion of community within ACS throughout the year. Building support networks in order for talents to be nurtured and expanded upon in a safe, healthy and supportive environment is something I am looking forward to :)

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Careers Officer

Hey! My name is Adedoyin and I will be your Careers Officer for this academic year! I study engineering. The intersection of technology, engineering and finance is an area I’d love to explore after university. I’m also an avid athlete and I love to dance! Within this role, I aim to help ACS members explore a range of career paths, navigate early career opportunities, connect with employers and ultimately empower members to make informed career decisions about post-university routes. 

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Sponsorship Officer

Hi, I'm Ruvarashe. I study Politics, international studies and global sustainable development and I am your Sponsorship Officer!

 I want to work in finance or energy doing ESG and I’d like to be able to show what we as a society are about and why we should be supported and valued by professional communities as well as members.

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Hi, I'm Stephen and I am your Treasurer for this academic year. I study Chemistry and I am looking to pursue a career in either Analytical or Computational chemistry or as a data analyst/data scientist.

As Treasurer, I will look to use these skills to efficiently manage the finances so ACS can continue to run and provide the events and platforms for the benefit and enjoyment of its members.

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Events Officer

Hi, I'm Vincent. I currently study Health and medical science. After university, I wish to go into post-grad medicine to become a paediatrician or a clinical psychiatrist. I am also keen on the production aspects of performing arts. As 1/2 of the Event Officers, I wish to adopt a more collaborative approach to the planning and execution of events with members, therefore creating a more community feel in our society. I aim to bring new, innovative and exciting event ideas throughout my tenure as an events officer thus appealing to a multitude of our ACS members regardless of differing interests, degrees or career paths

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Events Officer

Hi, my name is Yaw. I am studying Business with Accounting & Finance. I aim to explore careers in videography, fashion and design and real estate development.  Some of my hobbies include volleyball and football.

I would like to see the ACS as a pillar of creativity in our various aspects, to provide a warm and “family feeling” to all members of the society, and also as a catalyst in establishing relationships and networks of various individuals within different year groups.

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Volunteering & Welfare Officer

My name is Dorea and I study Politics and Sociology. I aspire to work in public policy and diplomacy concerning continental development in Africa. I am also a keen writer (

I want ACS to expand the meaning of welfare so that it represents more than the medical or charitable associations. To me, political and creative expression are also indications of wellbeing. As this sector is both a passion and a desired profession, I hope to use my experience pursuing both to better the society.

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PR & Media Officer

Hey, I'm Kioli. I study Politics, Philosophy and Law. Career-wise, I am considering multiple routes: ranging from law and policy to journalism or a career in the arts/creative industry. I want us to continue to strengthen our society and extend its legacy - ensuring that the ACS remains an established and beloved feature of the African and Caribbean experience at Warwick. We should not only highlight each other’s talents, but also do all of this with encouragement, support, joy, laughter and good vibes!!!

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PR & Media Officer

Hi, I'm Annie- Marie. I study Biomedical science and I aspire to work in either the legal or the research aspect of medicine. 
As one of the PR and media officers, I would like to use ACS social media as a platform to celebrate African-Caribbean culture and share the creative as well as academic successes of our members. This will be achieved by giving members insight using behind-the-scenes content and utilising social media to allow the members of our society to express themselves which will ultimately bring us closer as a community.

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Sports Officer

Hey! I’m Clara and I’m currently studying Accounting and Finance. I’m interested in finance and law but my mind remains open to other potential careers. I’m also a business owner (@satinparlour on Instagram) and excited to expand my business.

I intend to use my skills to bridge and build a more connected ACS through sports. I look forward to being your sports officer for 2022/2023!



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